For just over two decades, Attorney Frances V. Dunham has practiced family law in Texas. For every family law matter, San Antonio lawyer, Frances V. Dunham keeps in mind the client's best interests as well as the importance of protecting the law firm's solid reputation. Well-crafted work products and effective representation are a matter of pride and provide reassurance for clients seeking quality counsel.


Strong Attorney- Client Collaboration Pays Off.

Close collaboration between an attorney and their client constitutes the standard modus operandi at The Law Office of Frances V. Dunham. Clear communication and sharp insights enable Frances Dunham to help clients devise and implement uniquely appropriate legal strategies to match individual concerns and circumstances.

Her many successful jury trials gaining custody for fathers speak to both mothers and fathers whom she represents.She knows what goes into a winning case from either side of a chuld custody dispute. She can gude clients confidently through challenges such as bsiness valuation and division of retirement assests in high-asset divorces.She offers a military discount to memebers of the armed forces. She welcomes individuals seeking affordable uncontested divorce.