Every individual, every couple and every marriage is unique. So is every divorce. Some people approaching divorce believe they are in agreement with their spouses on how to split assests and co-parent children. Other soon-to-be divorced individuals and couples must deal with strong disagreements, with vital interests at stake. Let Attorney Frances Dunham, with all her 21 years experience, guide you through what can be a difficult time.

CHILD CUSTODY & other issues involving children

Family relationships including children inspire great passion in the adults involved. Biological parents, step parents, adoptive parents, same-sex couple parents, grandparents, guardians, unmarried parents, wealthy parents, middle-class parents and parents accused of abusing children are all examples of potential clients of The Law Office of Frances Dunham. She will advise and represent individuals and couplesin a variety of child-related legal matters.


Engaged couples in San Antonio and elsewhere naturally do not enjoy contemplating an eventual divorce. Virtually no one marries with thought sof divorce down the line. Marriage is a time of hopes, dreams and plans for a solid future together. The Law Office of Frances Dunham can guide you and your fiance to creating a prenump that is best for your situation.

Having a tremendous amount of legal experience and talent, with over 20 years of practicing law in Texas and a 98% trial rate, The Law office of Frances V. Dunham is dedicated to upholding the law and defending your rights. We focus on you. Count on us to be your champion and provide you with the solid legal representation and counsel you deserve.